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    Wonderful staff

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    Dear friend :
    This is paul from Nantong million casket-No.1 manufacturer of casket,coffin,urn ,to you we all is wholesale price with excellent productions from our own factory and our cooperator factory.
    more about us if you want to know,please check website as bellow:

    we just only manufacture excellent production:

    (more you can view:

    our catalog 2020:

    our company and factory introduce:

    our produtions:

    our factory and workshop:

    our body bags production and price:

    our casket bier,baby-bier and so on:

    Our funeral series productions:

    our coffin(casket) arm,lug,tip,handle,corner:

    wholesale price of Minimum purchase :
    casket: 24 or 27 caskets/20 GP( note: 40 GP load 48 caskets, 40 HQ load 64 caskets)
    coffin: 66 coffins/20 GP ( note: 40 HQ load 167 coffins)
    wood Urn: 300 urns (note:some customer purchase 500 to 1,000 pcs )
    body bag: 500 body bags( note: some customer purchase is 3,000 pcs to 10,000 pcs)
    casket bier,baby-bier and so on: Procurement in combination with other products .
    Purchase separately, at least 30 sets for each type .

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    We have purchased three headstones from Tobia Caskets and have been very happy with the end results. Thiem (Tim) Nguyen is very easy to work with and the prices are very reasonable. We always receive favorable comments on the beautiful finished product.


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