About Our Company

Tobia Casket was established in September 1998, about 3 months after the death of a good mother. During a month preparing the farewell of a loved one, the family of Tobia spent a lot of time and well prepared for the mother after death. For this occasion, the family experienced the high markup for funeral merchandises such as casket, memorials.


Currently, Tobia Casket Company is represented and operated by Tim Nguyen, a son of the family. Tobia Casket is also a member of the National and California Casket Retailer Associations. It has an office and a large showroom in Orange County. There are always more than 30 caskets displayed and the best art work of memorials.


Tobia Casket not just carries one or two brands of caskets (as the mortuaries do) but the best quality and beauty of merchandise at affordable prices are found here.


The service and time of grave markers is unique because no where else can the family have the orders done within a week. The markers even have the personal photo, but the family does not have to pay extra for this. The excellent custom art work layouts will be shown to the customers to be approved before being made.


Besides the merchandise available sold directly to the customers, we also provide families information on funerals and cemetery properties (burial lots) and help save the families substantially in cemetery properties sold by private owners.


Why Choose Us

  • Honest and Reliable Service
  • Friendly Staff
  • Affordable Rates on all products and services
  • No pressure


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